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We provide general aviation services including:

ATS is one of the best general aviation service providers with a highly-trained and experienced bilingual staff that are able to provide the utmost professional ground handling services at all the available airports within mainland China. We can provide basic landing/overflight permit or slot changing applications and are able to deal with any other problems that might be encountered during your operation.

We also have a number of Chinese clients/ business jet owners as well as potential clients that would need ground handling services all around the world.

Trust ATS for reliable professional handling for China and global services our Flight Support includes:

-Flight Support

  • -Assistance with landing and overflight permits;
  • -Charter flight services;
  • -Airport information;
  • -Route analyses;
  • -ATC and ICAO flight plan filings;
  • -Weather briefing;
  • -NOTAM

-Ground Support

  • -Aircraft ground handling;
  • -Ambulance handling;
  • -Towing with pushback tractors;
  • -Potable water;
  • -Lavatory services;
  • -Garbage removal;
  • -Cabin cleaning;
  • -GPU, air start, and air conditioning services;
  • -Aircraft marshalling;
  • -Refueling;
  • -Deicing;
  • -Arrangements for local maintenance
  • -Security arrangement for aircraft;


-High quality VIP services

  • -VIP passengers escort;
  • -Customs and Immigration assistance
  • -Catering arrangement;
  • -Luxury Transportation for Passenger & Crew
  • -Passenger & Crew hotel accommodation
  • -City Tour with tour guide
  • -Special requests


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